Early 1980s Vectrex Commercial

The Vectrex was always a system that fascinated me and even more so nowadays because of the reviews that Vinvectrex keeps posting. I am pretty sure this commercial, or one like it, back in the 1980s is what made me aware of the system.


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4 thoughts on “Early 1980s Vectrex Commercial

  1. I must pair that up to ads from the same period but… that’s not the most chic thing… Although the new UK ads for Nintendo have Terry Wogan on them and that’s certainly not chic.

  2. vinvectrex says:

    For me, this was THE ad. Since we only had one TV, it was an ongoing battle with my sister and my dad for its use. I loved the idea of gaming in the privacy of my room, without vying for use of the TV.

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