The Thirteen Days of Halloween

The simple postcard below inspired this brand new holiday classic. You know the song, so I’ll just leave you with the final verse…

On the thirteenth day of Halloween,
my ghoul friend sent to me
Thirteen spiders weaving,
Twelve bats blood-sucking,
Eleven broomsticks flying,
Ten ghosts a-haunting,
Nine graves entombing,
Eight witches casting,
Seven owls a-hooting,
Six pumpkinmen a-leaping
Five human skulls,
Four skeletons,
Three gravestones,
Two walking dead,
And a black cat in a tree!

Vintage Halloween Postcard


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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One thought on “The Thirteen Days of Halloween

  1. I really, really, like this one Metagirl! Perhaps it is the rather mischievous grins on the pumpkin men heads as they run down the twisting lane that makes me smile as well. :)

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