Gremlins the New Batch Buttons and Pins

I went and saw Gremlins 2 in the theater near my house as a kid and enjoyed it thoroughly. The the next day at school, I found out that none of my friends liked it at all. So I needed to become a closet Gremlins 2 fan. So no wear it proud movie merch buttons for me..until now. Check out this sweet memorabilia from Hake’s.

gremlins 2

Gremlins the New Batch Buttons and Pins [@] Hake’s


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3 thoughts on “Gremlins the New Batch Buttons and Pins

  1. Gremlins 2 was pretty out there! Really fun but not like the first one at all. I was recently at Toys R Us and saw a Gizmo doll and some Gremlins figures. Pretty cool!!

  2. They also have a new miniatures game out for purchase at Toys R Us, I believe its about nine dollars. It feels pretty good to be able to walk into that store and pick up some Tron Legacy merchandise as well as a Stripe action figure!

    I’m trying to talk my wife into ordering that Gremlins 2 stuff by the way…so if anyone else wants it they better act quick! :)

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