Halloween Greetings

I am a woman desperately bored with life, anxious for adventure. Peeling these apples has failed to arouse me from my deepening apathy. Oh, the fruit may satiate the hunger in my belly, but not the hunger in my heart. I would favor energetic action to this — something to excite my interest and curiosity — but alas the moroseness of Halloween has sapped my last speck of vigor.

Vintage Halloween Postcard


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Greetings

  1. vinvectrex says:

    Is it good luck to throw peels over your shoulder? I’ve heard of salt, but maybe I’ll start tossing some peels too. You can’t be too safe around Halloween. Or, maybe she’s just feeding the bats.

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