One Dark Night

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In One Dark Night, Jennifer Tilly plays a young girl trying to get accepted into an exclusive clique by going through a scary hazing process that turns to terror in a mortuary. That summary of the film is actually the summary of one of the better scenes in the film, which I will share with you so you do not need to sit through the film:

The film is pretty standard horror fair, with okay performances and a workable if not predictable plot. You got Russian occultists, telekinesis, psychic vampirism and Adam West — all of which should make this a pretty good movie, but the film lacks gravitas and is only buoyed by the occasional decent special effect and to some extent the charisma of the cast.

Now as a kid I have a vague recollection of watching this film and thinking it was a zombie film, probably because of the scene in the mortuary where the dead are animated, but I am not sure they are technically zombies. They do move and are dead, but they are merely puppets of the Russian occultist. But aren’t zombies sort of just puppets if they are animated by voodoo? So maybe the question this movie asks is, “what is a zombie?” Are their different classes of zombie or all walking dead zombies? Of course Vampires aren’t zombies and they are the dead who walk.

According to google definition search a zombie is:

a dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force

So these guys are Zombies? I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right. What does everyone else think?


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2 thoughts on “One Dark Night

  1. Great title for a horror film…lousy execution of everything else. If I remember correctly, Retroist, the girls (Who look like they were extras from Grease 2) were locked into the mortuary for the night, right? That’s the only thing I can of think for why they waited ten minutes for the coffin to lower and not hightailing it out of there. :)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    The corpses in here are not technically zombies, since they float about (rather creepily, too).
    I tend to think of card-carrying zombies as live flesh munchers. When the girls are covered in corpses, they don’t seem to have bites afflicted on them.

    I remember being a miffed that the best actress of the bunch (Tilly) just basically sits out the whole movie till the end, since she’s dosed shortly after getting locked in.

    I’d be curious to watch the DVD extras on this, cuz there seems to be info on why some things got cut and such.

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