Halloween Movie Madness Part IV

In the past I have done this crazy thing where I watch a scary movie a day during the month of October and post about it here on the site. It gets to be pretty exhausting — so of course I am doing it again. So Ladies and Gentleman I present to you Halloween Movie Madness IV: Son of Halloween Movie Madness!!

But I will not be alone this year. For the first time another person has decided to take the dark walk through horror movies classics. Our very own VicSage. Will we survive? No one knows for sure!!

I invite all of you to submit participate in this Madness as well. You can follow my list and post your impressions in the forum or make your own list. I would like to hear what you come up with. Remember this is not for the fainthearted.

So what does this October hold for me? The evil movie gods have not yet revealed their plan to me yet. I guess we will find out together. Just look for the following images this October….




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4 thoughts on “Halloween Movie Madness Part IV

  1. Psst. Anyone out there? The Retroist has me chained up in a dungeon somewhere…I think I hear crying in the next cell…maybe it’s laughter, not sure. I’ve got a giant pile of movie reels stacked next to me, maybe if I review them all he’ll let me out?

    Please…send beef jerky! ;)

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