Endless Quest Books

The Endless Quest books were two series of gamebooks released by TSR in the 1980s and 1990s. These books were the result of an educational group established by TSR to develop curriculum programs for reading, math, history, and problem solving. The first series of 36 books was released from 1982 to 1987, the second series of 13 from 1994 to 1996. I was especially fond of the 1980s series because I could get them in my schools bookmobile.

endless quest books


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3 thoughts on “Endless Quest Books

  1. mporcius says:

    I can recall the first three, Dungeon of Dread, Mountain of Mirrors, and Pillars of Pentagarn pretty well. Dungeon of Dread was almost exactly like a stereotypical D&D adventure, going into a dungeon to fight skeletons and giant insects and to avoid green slime. I recall really liking the James Hollaway drawings in Mountain of Mirrors, which was about an elf that lived in an arctic forest.

    That jazz about the books being the result of an education committee is pretty hard to believe; there was nothing particularly educational about them, unless we are to consider that reading any novel, even one that is basically an advertisement for D&D, is educational.

  2. @mporcius Well, I consider learning how to evade an Orc patrol pretty educational. ;)

    Pillars of Pentagarn was the first Endless Quest book I ever bought. I believe I had three in total so I was a little behind it seems.

    Though they were not D and D, I always really loved the Wizards, Warriors, and You line of books. :)

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