The B-17 Scene from the movie Heavy Metal


I saw Heavy Metal in the theater as a kid thanks to the lax oversight of a friend’s “cool” uncle. I walked away thinking it was certainly unusual and very adult, but other then that it was pretty uneven. But one bit stuck with me through the years and that was the B-17 scene, which I always found to be the one genuinely creepy scene in the film. Am I alone in this?


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7 thoughts on “The B-17 Scene from the movie Heavy Metal

  1. OffisaPups says:

    I was the next segment of kids to young to see this movie, the ones that caught it on the ever famous HBO airings. I understood very little of the entire movie but I knew the B-17 part was scary as heck.

  2. I too saw this on HBO, OffisaPups, right after getting home from the Drive-In one Saturday Night in fact. While I like the movie very much this is my favorite segment of the film and probably what directed down the road of appreciation of all things Zombie like.

    I still get that feeling I did as a kid when I watch this part, back then I talked with my father about what the pilot could do to get away, and my father pretty much laid it out for me that the pilot was toast with no chance of escape.

    Since as a youth I came from the James Tiberius Kirk line of thinking of there is no such thing as a no-win scenario…this really bothered me a bit. Ha, ha. :)

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Yeah, a bit more than the Kobayashi Maru situation for that pilot, VicSage2005.

    Our gang saw this movie when it came out and this was unanimously the segment that stuck out as exceptionally great and compelling.
    To the point, really, that we wondered why the rest of the movie couldn’t have been even half as good.
    We still loved the experience, though the much-advertised heavy metal soundtrack was barely audible during the film ( a lost opportunity, IMHO – especially during that Mob Rules sequence).

    I’m still baffled as to why no one in the industry tried to capitalize on that ghoulish and effective EC Comics type of animation for a feature.

  4. StuntDouble says:

    I think the music alone makes this one of my favorite segments. Somehow it just fits the whole scene.

  5. Ugly American says:

    The Heavy Metal magazine has had some great stuff in in over the years.

    They were kept behind the counter with other adult magazines so you had to get somebody’s older brother to get them. :)

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