Coming Soon…The Commodore 64?

As you might have read on ZDNet, the long legal issues that Commodore USA was facing is now over and we will finally be seeing a new Commodore computer using the Commodore PC64 name. The machine will be an all in one keyboard computer, much like the other machines you see at the current Commodore sight in terms of specs, but it will also have the Retro styling of the original Commodore 64. I love the idea, but I am slightly concerned about what the unannounced price point will be for this machine, since their current price for their all in one is around $500 for a barebones machine. I imagine with the retro case they will probably be doubling that price easily and that is just a little too much for me, no matter how cool I think it will be (oh AND it will be cool.)

Commodore 64

Commodore USA to revive PC64 with Atom processor [@] ZdNet


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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon…The Commodore 64?

  1. Now I’ve been told by a good friend that if I purchase this he will swim across the ocean and hit me upside the head…but like I told him, it just might be worth it.

    Missing from the picture above is the layers of Doritos and other snack foods that somehow made their way in between my C-64 keys back in my youth. :)

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