Retro Cap’n Crunch Packaging Update

So I stopped into the supermarket this morning, this time with my phone, to check out the retro Cap’N Crunch situation. They still had the three types with the retro packaging, but they have started to restock the shelves with the contemporary packaging, which moves the retro packaging to the back of the shelf. This might only be my supermarket, which has a pretty good turnover rate on product, but if you are in your supermarket hunting for the Cap’N, you might want to just dig a little to see if they have done the same thing.

retro crunch


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5 thoughts on “Retro Cap’n Crunch Packaging Update

  1. Bryan Irrera says:

    Actually, newer product should always be cycled to the back (unless they are actually sorting them by expiration date).

  2. That’s what I would have thought, but I decided to stop by another supermarket after work (I heard a rumor they had the good Dr. Pepper) and they did the same thing to their Crunch.

    They are burying the treasure.

  3. I dig the retro packaging. But I would dig retro flavors even more. Anyone remember the cinnamon flavor, with the pirate LaFoote mascot, and the vanilla flavor with the white whale mascot. Bonus points if you can remember the promotion where they put different cut-out ship models on the back of the boxes, a different kind of ship per flavor, such as a viking galley.

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