Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Edition Trailer in HD

I am very excited for the upcoming Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy. It is one of my favorite films and I think it is going to look pretty wonderful in HD. A trailer for the Trilogy has been posted on YouTube. You can watch it below or go to the site and stream it in 1080p.


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7 thoughts on “Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Edition Trailer in HD

  1. SenorKaffee says:

    Now once again the discussion if the movie should be presented in widescreen or in fullscreen. ;)

  2. Jason K. says:

    Awesome. One of my all time favorite 80’s movies. Add one more things to my long list of “Things I must own”.

  3. Spottedfeather says:

    Garsh, you don’t need an HDTV to see the quality difference. It won’t be as big a difference, but you can still see it. I have this preordered and can’t wait to get it. They’re not going to put it out in fullscreen. It wouldn’t make much sense.

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