The Plague Dogs

The Plague Dogs is the third novel by Richard Adams, author of Watership Down. It is about two dogs who escape an animal testing facility and are subsequently pursued by both the government and the media. It was first published in 1977. Like its predecessor Watership Down, Martin Rosen directed and adapted The Plague Dogs into an animated feature film, which was released in 1982. I managed to catch this film back in the 1980s and it has haunted me ever since.


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4 thoughts on “The Plague Dogs

  1. I watched it. Very moving, I dont want to give anything away but I have to say I commend the studio/team that put this out. Its not very marketable. I dont see this having any chance of being made today. The ammount of work they put into a film that kids probably wont see and most adults wont because its “a cartoon” is remarkable. The animation was great and I liked how they didn’t put outlines around anything, helped add to the realism. This film had me thinking for a while after it was over. Great voice work as well.

  2. Yeah, never a remake I would think, but their has been buzzing about a Watership Down project, so who knows. I actually read the book many years ago and I found it equally moving.

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