Table Top Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet – Made entirely of LEGO

Ben Fleskes’s brick creation almost left me speechless. As impressive as it is, for a pro like Ben, this was probably pretty straightforward. Talent is so awesome.

According to Ben
Aside from the obvious electronics, everything is LEGO. It uses a Jamma 48-1 board to play a variety of 80’s arcade game including Pac-Man, Donky Kong, Space Invaders and many more.

See it in action…

Table Top 80s Arcade Game – Made entirely of LEGO [via] Big Ben Bricks


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3 thoughts on “Table Top Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet – Made entirely of LEGO

  1. vinvectrex says:

    LEGO, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong? I’m getting sensory overload from so much goodness crammed into one thing!

  2. Sheesh, only a 48 in 1 JAMMA board? hehe… I’ve got a 60 in 1 board, but this is still really cool. Even though I’m not a little kid anymore, I could easily play with some legos now :)

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