GI Joe Card Game (1965)

I am not sure how you play this game, but I really like the graphics on them. It gets me thinking — they should make a card game, like Magic the Gathering, but based on GI Joe. Until they release that, these card will have to tide me over.

gi-joe card game

According to Hake’s
2.5x4x.75″ deep plastic case contains complete deck of cards by Whitman © 1965 Hasbro. Deck consists of 44 cards plus instruction card. Fronts feature full color illustrations divided into four different servicemen representing Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Lt. wear, scattered minor creases but all cards remain clean. Top of case has .5″ area w/surface scratches. VF.

GI Joe Card Game (1965) [via] Hake’s


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3 thoughts on “GI Joe Card Game (1965)

  1. Retroist, I wonder if the rules of the game depend on what color card you happen to draw? Otherwise I am betting on the soldier with the flamethrower or the Navy diver with the hand full of dynamite. :)

  2. severed says:

    There was a collectible card game released in 2004, but it didn’t last long. I casually collected them and played a few games with my co-workers son. It was a shame it didn’t do well because it was fun getting characters that were based on the 80s toyline, though a lot were based on the current line at the time.

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