The Commodore 128 was Superior…

Recently the L key on my venerable Commodore 128 died and despite my best efforts I have not been able to revive it. It is a sad day at Retroist HQ. In honor of my currently fallen comrade here is an ad that demonstrates the superiority of the Commodore 128.

commodore 128 ad

commodore 128 ad


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7 thoughts on “The Commodore 128 was Superior…

  1. Hot Pink Nation says:

    Ah Yes…
    My best friend growing up had a Commodore 128. It was a neat compliment to our Nintendos, and of course it was the first medium to introduce computer networking to me as we used its now-primitive dialup modem to log on to in the days before the Web.

    Also Micro League WWF Wrestling. What a fun computer. I didn’t have a computer until Windows95 came out, but I have so many fuzzy memories of my buddy’s C-128.

    …except for the part where you had to wait like 6 minutes for a game to load.

  2. Fraze says:

    I always had a 64, but I remember my cousin got a 128 for his birthday one year and I remember that after using his, I wanted one! Here’s a pic of my 64 that I’ve had since I was a kid (got this for xmas when I was 12). I recently set it all back up after getting it from my parents basement…


  3. Ugly American says:

    The 1571 was an improvement, the 1581 even more so. The REU was crazy fast. BASIC 7.0 was a big improvement too.

    But the crippled Z80 and VDC that required a special monitor were a waste. They made the 128 very late and very expensive. Who insisted on such craziness? Management of course.

    Dual SIDs and RAM bank switching (already cheap & popular mods) would have been better. The only new development it really needed was a 2MHz version of the VIC II with a programmable color table.

  4. Hot Pink Nation says:

    Hey Retroist. You broke your ‘L’ key? Well that’s no big deal! You’re a smart guy so I’m sure you must have thought of this…

    but you can just use an upper-case ‘I’! In most fonts it looks just like a capital ‘L’, and computers don’t care about capital letters. Look at the internet, every URL is in lower-case letters! So its perfect, just trick the commodore into thinking a capital ‘I’ is really a lower-case ‘L’. It won’t know the difference. Also, the number 1 will sometimes work in a pinch.

    …Although I would be wary of any computer that brags about its ‘higher intelligence’. That’s what leads to SkyNet.

  5. It would be fine if I was just typing letters, but the word LOAD is pretty key to the Commodore. I am trying as many tricks as a I know and reading up — I wont quit on Ol’ 128.

  6. Ugly American says:

    Poke the value for L directly into screen RAM then write the rest with your working keys.

    For both C64 & 128 mode type:

    POKE 1024,12

    To write an L in the top left corner of the screen.
    You can then type rest out with your working keys – OLD”GAME”,8
    Add 40 to the 1024 to for each line you want to move the L down.
    You can change the 12 to other values for other letters or symbols.

    You can also use this to make text mode games that are fast even in BASIC.

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