You’re Not the Only One Waiting for GI Joe

I am not sure why they thought they needed to redo Cobra Commander’s costume in the GI Joe movie. Look at Cobra Commander in this classic as — this guy is scary as all get out.

hooded cobra commander


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5 thoughts on “You’re Not the Only One Waiting for GI Joe

  1. I always giggle a little when you think about the logic behind that hood. Cobra Commander actually had to tell some one that he wanted a hood with a cobra sewn on the forehead. You have to think that the poor Cobra seamstress probably got the first one or two wrong with the eyes not lining up right or it was too short. I hope he didn’t have her killed.

  2. @Retroist Kind of has that whole “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” thing going for it.

    @Jawinn You are probably right about that poor seamstress but perhaps we aren’t giving him enough credit, maybe he does his own sewing? ;)

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