NASA’s Restored Cideo Whowing Neil Armstrong’s First Moonwalk

This still give me chills. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, NASA released partially restored video of a series of 15 memorable moments from the July 20 moonwalk. This video shows Neil Armstrong making his way to the lunar surface, by climbing down the lunar module ladder.

Footage courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


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3 thoughts on “NASA’s Restored Cideo Whowing Neil Armstrong’s First Moonwalk

  1. Ugly American says:

    Where did the future go?

    Nixon dismantled the US civilian space program. Nixon transfered the engineers to desk jobs around the country and ordered the factories that made the Saturn V destroyed. Many quit in disgust. 2 of my teachers worked on the Apollo project and would almost always end up yelling any time Nixon or the shuttle was mentioned.

    As a result, the US space station fell back to Earth because it couldn’t be supported and here we are 40 years later with no civilian space access and even the military rockets are 1/10 the capacity of the Saturn V. The shuttle was a terrible design from the start fueled by the government’s plan to steal satellites from the USSR. Rockets were and are cheaper and higher capacity.

    $15B a month for war, $40B a month for oil but nothing for the future of civilization.

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