Why?? Because I’m Billy Mitchell…

I always thought that the movie King of Kong was a little unfair to Billy Mitchell. Maybe he is like they portrayed him, but it seemed like they edited to make it a lot worse. I have never met the man, so I have no idea. This video shows him being playful with his image and at the same time showing off his amazing skill.


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4 thoughts on “Why?? Because I’m Billy Mitchell…

  1. Hot Pink Nation says:

    Doug, if you watch the commentary tracks for King of Kong, people say often that it was not unfair.

    The title of that video alone gives away what a narcissist this dude is.

  2. Tim says:

    Whaaaat? Have you seen the guy’s hair, or the way he behaves? He’s a douche and a self-parody on stilts. But he’s a fabulous villain and is one reason I love the movie.

  3. I’ve encountered Billy numerous times at gaming shows and he’s always a douche. But hey… to each their own. I don’t have to work with him or deal with him on a daily basis, luckily…

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