Library Punch Card

I bought a book recently at a thrift story and this punch card was being used a bookmark. I remember seeing these cards as a youngster and thinking how high-tech they were. Now I cannot think how quaint they seem. They might now be efficient, but they certainly are a lot more jazzy than the barcodes they have nowadays. Well this won’t go to waste, it is now my official hardcover book bookmark.

rutgers library punchcard


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3 thoughts on “Library Punch Card

  1. VicSage2005 says:

    Ah, Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini if I’m reading the name on the punchcard correctly. Great, great book, Retroist!

    I do prefer the Sea-Hawk myself though. :)

  2. I remember a library I use to go to as a kid that used punch cards to check in and out books. Man I would love to have a used punch card for a bookmark. I would get it laminated to persevere forever.

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