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Purple People Eater the Movie

Yesterday I posted about a Flying Purple People Eater for sale on Hake’s and mentioned that I had never seen a 3D representations of one before. User “Some Chick” suggested I check out the Neil Patrick Harris movie, Purple People Eater, so I did. The cast alone should make you want to see this gem, because in addition to NPH it has Ned Beatty, Thora Birch, Shelly Winters, Dustin Diamond, Chubby Checkers and Little Richard and many more.

The plot is simple, when a kid plays the song Flying Purple Eater, the creature actually appears.. The two of them then try and save a couple who are going to lose their home. Simple and believable. It is almost wonderful enough to beyond words.

Sadly it is only available on VHS, but if you can land a copy — it is well worth it.

Need convincing?