Atari’s 1987 Comeback?

This news report, which I think takes place in 87 or maybe 88 talks about Atari’s strategy for a return into the growing video game market. A nice slice of history.


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6 thoughts on “Atari’s 1987 Comeback?

  1. xot says:

    The title on the video itself is wrong. This was late 1987 based on the products discussed.

    I love Atari from this era, but they were crazy to think they could compete against Nintendo’s NES with the 8 year old technology of the XEGS.

    The Atari ST line, on the other hand, deserved to do much better. Such great machines.

  2. ffr says:

    my parents bought into the idea of an atari comeback. my first console (’86 / ’87) wasn’t the nes, but the atari 7800.

    it only lasted a brief moment. i had an nes by ’88. there was also a brief interlude with the sega master system.

  3. Hot Pink Nation says:

    Well good luck with that, Atari.

    Let me know how that turns out for you.

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