1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

I saw this the other day in my “suggestions” box on Amazon and thought it looked interesting. While the claims in the product description are a bit broad and very BOLD, I do like the sentiment and am certainly a sucker for the all too rare video game books. So I will most likely be checking this out when it comes out this autumn.

10001 Video Games

For devoted gamers as well as those interested in groundbreaking graphic design, this is the first, most comprehensive, and only critical guide ever published to video games. The video game has arrived as entertainment and as an art form. This is the first serious critical evaluation ever published of the best video games and is a testament to the medium’s innovativeness and increasing emphasis on aesthetics. Organized chronologically and for all platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) and covering all genres from the bold (Grand Theft Auto and Halo) and dark (Resident Evil and Silent Hill) to the spiritual (Final Fantasy) and whimsical (Legend of Zelda), the book traces the video game from the rough early days of Pong to the latest visual fantasia.

1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die [@] Amazon


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2 thoughts on “1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

  1. VicSage2005 says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the book, Retroist!

    The overview sure seems to make it sound like it will deal mainly with console gaming. I googled the editor, Tony Mott, and it says he was the former editor for Edge magazine.

  2. Hot Pink Nation says:

    There’s no way I’d want that book! If you decide to take it up on its premise, once you’ve completed all 1001 games you DIE!!

    No way! Too much pressure.

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