Free Hi-Res Poster Sized He-Man Art

I have been very engaged in covering the walls of my office with posters and pictures of stuff that I enjoy. Not sure why now, but I just recently got the buy to change things up and when I stare at the walls, I want to be staring at something now. I recently printed up that photo of Spock in front of his car and picked up some DEVO and Star Wars things online. I was about to look at some vintage travel stuff, when I was stopped in my tracks by these free Hi-Res Poster Sized He-Man Art. They have 13 in all. My biggest problem with them, is I can’t decide which to get printed up. I am leaning towards this one:

he man poster

Which is your favorite?

Free Hi-Res Poster Sized He-Man Art [via] Retropoly


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3 thoughts on “Free Hi-Res Poster Sized He-Man Art

  1. VicSage2005 says:

    I don’t know, Retroist. Poster #07 has Hordak and the Horde on it…but it also doesn’t have Moss Man…tough choice. I also kind of like #20 but it wouldn’t really look right hanging on your office walls. :)

  2. Ugly American says:

    He should have invested in some thumbnail previews!

    He-Man resembles but is legally distinct from Conan…

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