Star Trek K-7 Space Station Model

Star Trek K-7 Space Station Model

I have mentioned many times on the site that I am obsessed with building models, but lack the skill to actually do a good job at it. Just last week I was in a local store and saw a model of the original Enterprise for sale and thought I should buy that. Well I went back this week to pick it up and they were sold out. Grrrrr! They say more will come in next month, so I will be back. If I can do a good job on it, I would like to move onto other Trek models, like this classic Star Trek K-7 Space Station Model.

I know I shouldn’t buy things like the Star Trek K-7 Space Station Model and open them after all these years, but it is hard to resist. I want to see this thing built. Plus I can’t help but thing that his might be the one model I do correctly. After all these years I am due for a win.

The Star Trek K-7 Space Station Model was the last of AMT’s Star Trek models based on the original series. This kit was released around 1976 and has ©1976 Paramount Pictures Corp on the box. The Model recreates the K-7 Space Station that was the primary setting for the classic Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles.” Along with the parts for the Space Station, a miniature U.S.S. Enterprise pace ship is included.

So if you love Trek models and want to add a very cool one to your collection, I would suggest you start trawling eBay to try and get your hands one one.


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