Commodore 128 vs Apple IIc

This 1985 commercial compares the new Commodore 128 to the Apple IIc. I miss Burgess Meredith.


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3 thoughts on “Commodore 128 vs Apple IIc

  1. mporcius says:

    I had the Commodore 128, but about 99% of the time I had it in 64 mode. Telengard, ChopLifter, Pool of Radiance, Bard’s Tale, SkyFox, Forbidden Forest, Questron, everything I can think of I think was made for 64 mode. I think the only thing I did in 128 mode was my BASIC programming Choose Your Own Adventures. IF X$ = “N” GOTO 150

  2. vinvectrex says:

    I remember this ad, and thinking it was brilliant. Yet, like mporcius’s comment, I never saw the 128 used in anything other than 64 mode. Which was too bad. I had neither – but did have the PCjr. Which, was such a failure, I don’t believe anyone bothered to compare to it in their commercials.

  3. Ugly American says:

    I was a Commodore guy going back to the PET but the C128 was an over complicated disaster.

    Management insisted they cram a crippled Z80 & second incompatible video chip into it to run CP/M business software instead of focusing on things everyone wanted like faster disk access (like 3rd party products), stereo sound (like 3rd party products), variable color palette (like Atari), 80 col display (on regular monitors like 3rd party products). They could have fixed the business software problem by adding a PET compatibility mode (there was a pretty good software emulator) – which they should have had in the original C64 too. (same CPU, kernal system, etc).

    For the price of a complete C128 system you could get an Amiga – which is what most of my friends did. One got a C128 and felt totally ripped off as very little C128 software ever came out. Could have been worse though. The kid with the yuppie parents got a Apple //c with 9″ monochrome display and 1 bit click sounds that cost 2x as much.

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