Couch Cushion Architecture; A Critical Analysis

I built a lot of pillow and couch cushion forts when I was a kid. When done I would often demand praise for its construction and awesomeness from any adults who happened to be in the area. Luckily none of those adults were part of the Build Blog. They look at these forts and instead of heaping false praise up on their builders, they take a more critical approach. Employing architectural terms and often hard criticism. It is brilliant on so many levels. Here is an example:

Couch Cushion Fort

The crisp, orthogonal structure is, in a way, camouflaged by the informality of the landscaping. While a clear bifurcation exists between site and structure, we give high marks to the close coordination of architect and landscape architect in using similar materials to exaggerate the divergent design concepts. Grade: B+

Couch Cushion Architecture; A Critical Analysis [@] Build Blog


Garry Vander Voort

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One thought on “Couch Cushion Architecture; A Critical Analysis

  1. Ugly American says:

    We would build with the big ones and blankets and then throw the little ones at each other’s forts without crossing the middle of the room.

    Don’t get hit!

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