Subtlety You May Have Missed in Back to the Future

This is making the round on the web this week. Just one of a million reasons why Back to the Future is a great film.

twin pines back to the future

found at IMGUR


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3 thoughts on “Subtlety You May Have Missed in Back to the Future

  1. This plays into the Theory of the Two Martys.

    The TTM says that the original Marty, who lives a crappy life in 1985a, goes back in time to 1955, and returns to a happy life in 1985b. But the Marty who was living the happy life in 1985b also time travelled, and returned to the crappy life in 1985a. So essentially, the two Martys switched places.

    Interesting trivia; at the start of the movie, you can see the 1985b Marty way off in the shadows just as Doc gets shot by the terrorist. He’s standing near the TWIN Pines sign. Later, we see “our” Marty (from 1985a), arrive in 1985b and watches Doc get shot as he hides beside the LONE Pine sign. Anyway, it proves the TTM. If there was only one Marty, how could he return to watch Doc get hit at the “Twin Pines Mall” when he himself destroyed the pine tree that led to the new name for the mall which we see towards the end of the picture, upon Marty’s return?

    In the end, poor Marty from 1985b is now stuck living “our” Marty’s crappy life in 1985a, in which Doc is very likely dead. So much for happy endings.

    Still, he has the car. If Marty-b has the presence of mind to grab the plutonium fuel left in Doc’s truck before the terrorists come back, he may be able to return to 1955 again, or somewhere else.

  2. I only became aware of the mall sign deal recently, like in the last year or two, but I thought I must have been one of the last ones realizing it.

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