ColecoVision Unreleased Stuff

The voice is slightly unnerving, but I think the content is pretty solid and fun to watch. I wish the Colecovision has survived the crash intact. It was such an interesting system.


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4 thoughts on “ColecoVision Unreleased Stuff

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    The Colecovision was my 2nd game console. I loved it.
    The local VG vendor let me have some of the black preview sheets and seeing the Tunnels and Trolls, Dracula and Swords And Serpents concepts, I had to have this system.
    It’s too bad they never got the chance to produce these. Still had lots of fun with pretty much every game that came along.

    Though we tried the Super Controller with the Rocky boxing game and it kinda sucked.
    Also the roller control wasn’t as responsive as arcade machines were. And I think they only had Slither for it.
    But all in all a great system.

    Lotsa terrific games too. Wargames, based on the movie, was rather accurate.
    Gateway To Apshai was a great time waster. BC’s Quest For Tires had nifty animation.
    I could go on. I recall an election-type game, with elephants and donkeys and a map of U.S. states, but not the name.

    You could also quickly plug in a one-button Wico joystick after choosing the game number for better handling.
    Gah! I’ll just go dust off the old gal and see if that RC-to-Coaxial converter works with it.

    Thanks for the memories, Retroist!

  2. vinvectrex says:

    How could Stephen Hawking NOT love the Colecovision? I mean, it is truly a masterpiece game system. I vividly remember some of those unreleased games. Skiing, Tunnels and Trolls, and especially Dracula got a fair amount of coverage in the video games magazines I used to read. And, I loved how each planned on using 3D like environments. I was so disappointed when they never materialized…

  3. Daniel, who made the 8 bit version of Ozzy’s Crazy Train, doesn’t use his voice in any of his videos. He prefers using a digitize voice.

    If you pause the video at the 3:56 mark, you will see the Super Game Module from a different angle. Here you get an idea of the size of it.

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