Funpals Underoos

Fruit of the Loom Funpals Underoos

Why are the cartoon characters trying to run down that kid? Funpals Underoos are the late 1980s and 1990s successor to plain old Underoos which became popular in the early 1980s. Instead of merely having the cartoon or character logo, Funpals used the characters from the movie or television show on the underpant. This was kind of cooler than Underoos in some way. So while it wasn’t as cool of a name, they were a natural evolu

What I like about this ad is the mixing of different franchise characters. Where else are you going to see a fully armored He-Man in the same panel as the Chipmunks, Batman and Daffy Duck?

Something I did not pick up at the time is the “behind” pun. Since these characters were printed on your underwear, they were always behind you. I can believe it took me decades to notice that. While I am proud to finally have spotted it, I am a little disappointed in myself for not noticing it before.

In this commercial for Funpals, you get a glimpse of what they actually looked like in action. Featured in this ad are MASK, He-Man, Superman, Thudercats and the Transformers. All rendered in simple animations. The best part is when the kid turns into Optimus Prime by slipping on some underwear. This might be the only time an underwear powered cartoon transformation was every visually rendered and it is glorious.

Enjoy this Funpals Underoos


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