Dallas the Complete 13th Season on DVD

Dallas S13

For J.R. Ewing, Season 13 is as unlucky as a steer at a Texas barbecue. He starts by lying and cheating Ewing Oil to the brink of destruction and ends by kicking and screaming in a psychiatric hospital. In between he tires of his pretty young wife, seethes while Cliff Barnes’s political star rises and bumps into a past he didn’t know he had. Meanwhile, Clayton and Miss Ellie investigate a multiple-murder mystery, folks from seasons past unexpectedly return to stir up trouble and Bobby stays busy removing J.R.’s knives from his back, chasing after a Pam look-alike, and bringing a new Mrs. Ewing to Southfork. Y’all come ’round and meet the happy couple!

Dallas is back with another season on DVD. The Complete Thirteenth Season DVD box set has three double-sided DVDs, which contain the 27 episodes from that season. Like Seasons 10, 11 & 12, this set contains no special features. But who cares, Dallas is a crazy plot twists and bizarre drama is all a fan could ask for and season 13 does not disappoint. I am halfway through the watching the season and keep wondering why they ever took this show off the air.

Check out some fine season 13 “action”:

So what are you waiting for pick up Dallas: The Complete Thirteenth Season and while your at it you might as well pre-order Dallas: Season 14.


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5 thoughts on “Dallas the Complete 13th Season on DVD

  1. Although I love even the worst Dallas episodes, I could see why hardcore Dallas fans aren’t too big on the last couple of seasons. Toward the end of the run, it’s still a great show but there were a few aspects that seemed done to death. Just when we think JR and Bobby are going to really get together and work out their issues they don’t and continue to have struggles. How many times has that storyline played out? I know that the struggle between the brothers is paramount to the entire series, but by season 13 I really wanted JR to continue his underhanded dealings but just not in a way that makes life tougher for Bobby. I actually like the addition of Sasha Mitchell a lot, he doesn’t get much credit at all but he was pretty damn good in that role. I’m also glad they killed off McKay’s son, what a whiny little bitch he was.

  2. I’ll sum it up because it was probably too long. I can see why many Dallas fans dislike the last couple of seasons. Even though I LOVE every Dallas ep. even the shitty ones, Season 13 frustrates me a bit. I was happy when they killed Mckay’s son, I love Sasha Mitchel and he deserves more credit for his work on the show…continued…

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