Ice Cream Cones Cereal

Ice Cream Cones Cereal was made by General Mills and released in 1987. It consisted of puffs, sweetened with chocolate or vanilla ice cream flavor, as well as sugar cone-shaped pieces sweetened for the sugar cone flavor The cereal’s spokesperson was an animated character called Ice Cream Jones, who delivered the cereal on an old-fashioned pedal bike.

The cereal was discontinued the same year it was introduced (no idea why). It was shortly reintroduced in 2003 in a chocolate chip flavor to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ice cream cone, but sadly they dropped Ice Cream Jones as their spokesman.

You have to admire a cereal that drops all the pretense and gets to the core of what it is, a big bowl of sugar in milk. That is why I will always love Ice Cream Cones Cereal.


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