Crank Up the Power of Huffy Pro Thunder!

Do they sell these pads for bikes anymore? They were a real big deal when I was a kid, but as anyone will tell you, they do absolutely nothing to protect the rider. When I finally realized this and took the pads off my Team Murray, the areas that had been covered were still the original color of the bike, while the rest was all faded and scratched.

huffy pro thunder


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2 thoughts on “Crank Up the Power of Huffy Pro Thunder!

  1. I had a Huffy Pro Thunder at one point (I believe about 8 years old or so). It was royal blue and yellow though (unlike the one pictured). Loved that bike.

    Sadly, it was stolen from me while I was riding it. Kid jumped out and knocked me off the bike. As I lay on the ground shocked and in pain, he picked it up and rided it off. I kept thinking he was going to bring it back for some naive reason. The whole ordeal was quite traumatizing at the time. Not to mention I was now without my prized Huffy Pro Thunder!

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