Retroist Access Monday (RAM) – Dr. Ed Roberts, ‘Father of the PC’, Dies at 68

ed roberts

Dr. Edward Roberts was the intelligent person behind the creation of MITS Altair, an inexpensive microcomputer which had the ability to handle all tasks. Many linked him as the creator of personal computers. The special connection between, Dr. Robert and Bill Gates, was quiet personal and dated long time back. When Dr. Robert created the first microcomputer, Gates a student at Harvard, wrote the very first software program for the device. This is where, Gates first started to later launch his firm Microsoft.

Please learn more about him. Ed Roberts [@] wikipedia

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One thought on “Retroist Access Monday (RAM) – Dr. Ed Roberts, ‘Father of the PC’, Dies at 68

  1. Thanks for the post, Kill Screen 256! I jumped over and read up on him…shame he died so young but at least he had an interesting life.

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