Zima Waz Zo Good

Zima: zo cool in early 1993, zo uncool by the end of 1993. The first “alcopop,” it was technically a beer, but zweet like zoda, and was basically a carbonated wine cooler. It quickly became the butt of jokes and was pretty much the New Coke of the ‘90s (not counting Crystal Pepsi, which was delicious). Zima actually ztayed on zhelves for another decade or zo (I actually bought some the day I turned 21, zo I could finally zee what all the pop culture fuzz was about. It was…okay.)

In this ad, we learn how much fun it would be to have a rooftop barbecue with The Heights.

Brian Boone

From the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Northwest, I contribute to the Retroist, write for trivia publications, and blog about music in a humorous fashion. I feel about "Back to the Future" the way you feel about "Star Wars." Also, I'm married and have a child (sorry ladies, orphans).

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7 thoughts on “Zima Waz Zo Good

  1. Kurt says:

    Glad someone else thought Crystal Pepsi was good. I wish they would bring that back (I know, never gonna happen).

  2. Brian Boone says:

    Kurt – in a pinch, extra-cold flat Coke Zero tastes a lot like Crystal Pepsi. More so if you listen to Van Halen’s “Right Now” while drinking it.

  3. Dan says:

    I live in Japan, and Zima is not only still available here, but it seems to be a pretty popular drink: they have all these weird flavors that I don’t believe ever existed in the States.

    I really remember wanting to drink it back when, but by the time I was 21 it was pretty much gone. Strangely, now that I’m surrounded by the stuff I have absolutely no desire to find out if it’s any good.

    And, yeah, Crystal Pepsi was alright, but Tab Clear tasted like liquid awful. Also, does anyone else remember that bizarre OK Soda stuff, and the hotline you could call with the stuffed-animal teleconference?

  4. OffisaPups says:

    I remember there was blue label Zima and Green label Zima but cannot tell you if there was a falvor difference or if one was “light” or something. And OK cola? Big ups for knowing that stuff Dan. I love the can artwork on those. Silly Coca-Cola, trying to market to Gen Xer’s. The would much rather do the Dew while skateboarding off a ramp over a pit of diamondback snakes. Man, the early 90’s was so RAD!

  5. I too was a fan of (Diet) Crystal Pepsi; also about that time, 7Up had a shortlived flavor with sort of a gingery taste that was quite good.

    Don’t get the analogy to Coke Zero. To my mind, the best-tasting current diet cola out there is Pepsi One. (Ironically, I prefer Diet Coke to regular Diet Pepsi, but when it comes to flavored sodas — vanilla, cherry, lime, etc. — Pepsi normally does a better job of it than Coke.)

  6. I wasn’t a fan of Zima at all…but I’ll tell you…it had a very nutty aftertaste which bothered me. It was like cheap champagne for teenagers. In case any of your younger readers are unaware, Zima was actually “cool to drink” at one time. btw i LOVE the Z sound throughout the post…a fine touch!

  7. OffisaPups says:

    @Vincent : The 7UP ginger soda you are speaking of is the great 7 UP Gold. However for flavored sodas, no one beats Jones Soda Company. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy soda anyone? What about Candy Corn? Yum Yum, good!

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