Kenner Smash-Up Derby

Why aren’t Smash-Up Derbies more popular? When I was a kid, I dreamed about being in one after that Smash-Up Derby episode of Happy Days (beware the Malachi Crunch). I would at least hope they could make a cool Derby video game, but nothing. Oh well. At least Kenner had the right idea with their Smash-Up Derby set.

kenner smash up derby


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4 thoughts on “Kenner Smash-Up Derby

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I had this magnificient toy as a child and the tv jingle still rings in my head (bit of a jaunty, hillbilly ditty). It played in French in my area and the schoolkids would be singing it, thinking of the great times to be had with this, the only demolition derby toy to live up to expectations.

    Mine was a Volkswagon buggy and the other a typical four door car. Other sets had the station wagon, but the buggy ran faster and could thus crash reeeeal nice.
    Plus I was a Herbie fan, so this was perfect.

    I think the bumper had some spring mechanism that released all the other parts and, well, the whole toy seemed concocted like a well-planned stunt on a movie set.

    Amazingly fun times were had with this baby.
    Good find Retroist!

  2. Kill Screen 256 says:

    I remember a friend having these and half the parts where lost. Sort of defeated the point of playing with the toy when only a couple of items would break off.

  3. Dudley88 says:

    Kill Screen 256 is absolutely correct. Smash Up Derby was a fun toy at first, but the parts would get lost.

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