Hawaiian Punch’s Punchy


I started talking about Hawaiian Punch in the forum last night and it got me thinking about Punchy who is one of my favorite mascots. In February 1962, Punchy was introduced in a commercial for Hawaiian Punch. He would eventually go on to become the product’s mascot. Punch was created by artist/cartoonist Joe Malerba. He was animated by Jan Svochak. The voice was provided by Len Maxwell. Punchy is a lot less violent then he was when he was first launched. Those who remember his early work might remember his catchphrase, “How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?”. This would be followed by Punchy literally punching this unsuspecting tourist named Opie. Who would not LOVE this character.


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2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Punch’s Punchy

  1. Perhaps it was my timid sensibilities at the time but I never understood Punchy. He scared me, the fact that he’d use some word cue to beat the fruit pulp out of a guy was just horrifying.

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