“Captain America” (1990) Trailer

“Captain America” is a 1990 Action Adventure film directed by Albert Pyun. Starring Matt Salinger, Scott Paulin, Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty and Darren McGavin. Steve Rogers is injected with the Super Soldier formula, becoming Captain America as a last ditch effort to thwart a psychopathic Nazi agent known as the Red Skull from launching a Missile at the United States during the height of World War II. Trapping himself in the Arctic by deflecting the rocket, Rogers is freed 50 years later to find that not only is the world a much different place…but the Red Skull is still alive and still a menace.


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5 thoughts on ““Captain America” (1990) Trailer

  1. Well, there is a part where Captain America uses his shield to cut off the Red Skull’s hand…that is kind of 90’s.

    My friends and I gathered together when this came out on VHS and had more fun making fun of the rather inept villains, what we dubbed the 90210 assassins, than the plot.

    But you can’t fault them for trying…or maybe we should.

  2. tallyhawk says:

    I remember this being promoted on Entertainment Tonight. I was waiting for it to be released in theaters, but never heard anything else about it. I found it on video a year later. Was it a limited theatrical release, or did it go straight to video?

  3. jeremy says:

    I only remember watching the the TV show where he wore a motorcycle helmet and his shield was clear where it should have been white… terrible, but in a good way.

    I nead to find this gem though, looks fantastic.

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