NYC Kids Save Water PSA “Ask your Sista to sit in a half a tub of Wada”

New York Kids in the early 1980s just wanna say, “You gotta save dat Wada.”


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4 thoughts on “NYC Kids Save Water PSA “Ask your Sista to sit in a half a tub of Wada”

  1. “If she don’t dooz likes we says about the wada, we’ll moitalize the goil!”

    I love how this opens, with the blurry graphic announcing a new transmitter for a “new clearer picture.”

    The boy sounds just like Walter Tetley (“The Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show,” or Sherman from the Mr. Peabody segments of “Rocky & Bullwinkle,” etc.).

  2. Just like there is no regional British accent that doesn’t make the speaker sound like an evil mastermind… well OK the Bristol/Westcountry accent thats reserved for farmers (PS thats how most of the Hobbits speak)

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