Strategy Guide for the 16 Toughest Levels of Dragon’s Lair

When Dragon’s Lair showed up in the video store near my house and cost 50 cents to play, I scoffed at first. Why would I pay 50 cents to play a game. Then I tried it and my money started disappearing twice as fast. If only I had read this article from the 1983 issue of JoyStik, maybe I could have saved a little for a rainy day.


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2 thoughts on “Strategy Guide for the 16 Toughest Levels of Dragon’s Lair

  1. Boy howdy, I spent many an evening just staring at this issue of Joystik. It was probably about a month after this issue hit the shelves that my local Showbiz Pizza had their machine arrive and it was simply rapturous. Thank you so very much, Retroist, for posting these. :)

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