Super Siren Saves Lives (may cause deafness)

Bobby has a real problem with looking out for where is steering his bike and almost every day he is brushed on the ear by the Grim Reaper. Well Grim Reaper you might be out of a job (but keep your office open Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, Ear Specialist), because Empire Toys just sold Bobby a loud siren that NEVER stops working. So much like your pet cat, you will always hear Bobby coming, but at a decibel level that is guaranteed to endear him to the entire neighborhood.


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4 thoughts on “Super Siren Saves Lives (may cause deafness)

  1. Wow! Because Mr Jones (who at the time was wheelspinning his car in his driveway) nearly ran over and killed Bobby, Bobby’s mom seems to think that the best response for that is to punish bobby, rather than go to see Mr Jones and/or call the police… methinks Bobby’s mom is having an affair.

  2. I remember this toy. Cool! I think one of my cousins had this and I remember playing with it at my Grandmothers.

    I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, Mr. Brown was just protecting is hot ride.

    I miss this type of hand drawn comic ad. I remember reading them more so over the other ads.

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