The Jerry Lewis Show (1984)

Hey laaaaaaaaady…did you know that Jerry Lewis had a late night talk show? In 1984, he produced a syndicated, old-time-showbizzy type thing (his sidekick was Charlie Callas; guests were people like Mel Torme and Frank Sinatra) to compete with Johnny Carson. It didn’t catch on. At all. The show was cancelled after five weeks. I like Jerry Lewis, but a little goes a long way. (And Carson already had the same audience that would like this kind of thing.) IMDB doesn’t even list this on Lewis’s CV.

Brian Boone

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2 thoughts on “The Jerry Lewis Show (1984)

  1. Thanks to Night Court, Mel Torme really got a boost in his career, eh? Though with this information about the Jerry Lewis show…maybe it didn’t help that much. Ha, ha.

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