Retroist Podcast – Episode 040 – Jaws

This week we talk about the book and the film Jaws. It is one of my favorite films and we cover a lot of great stuff. We talk about the production of the film, its cast, the differences between the book and the movie and much more.

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3 thoughts on “Retroist Podcast – Episode 040 – Jaws

  1. I was 11 when this came out, saw it on the big screen six times in all its Technicolor glory. My parents were on a tour of Holiday Inns in Canada (with their band), so I spent that summer re-living the entire flick in an endless succession of Holiday Inn pools. Truly surreal. Thanks for the memories, hon, always a treat to revisit this goodie.

  2. Thanks for the bit of info concerning Marvin and Hayden, I could see Marvin pulling it off but I think Sterling would have just been too grouchy. Great podcast as usual!

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