Tide Liquid Commercials Filled me with Terror

I was rough on my cloths. By the end of winter, whatever winter coat I had would be reduced to shreds and we would trek to the K-Mart each winter and buy me a new one. Usually by the end of the of February my coat had various pieces of tape holding it together. So it is not hyperbole to state that I was terrified at the idea of ruinign a perfectly good coat. If I got beet juice on it, I would be wearing a purple stained coat for months. Luckily my family did not keep pickled beets dangling over the edge of a high cabinet.


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2 thoughts on “Tide Liquid Commercials Filled me with Terror

  1. Ya know, I guess Tide ain’t what it used to be…or this commercial is a lie. I just dumped an entire jar of pickled beets only my winter coat and then washed it with Tide. Sadly, my coat is still covered in purple stains. I’ve got to stop putting so much stock in these retro commercials.

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