Let's Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Let’s Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Why not have a barrel of fun with Colonel Sanders and all of his finger puppet customers? You can do just that with the Let’s Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant play set, a Child Guidance toy. Eat-in, drive-thru, whatever your pleasure.

The fast food joint swings open for double the play value. And the Colonel operates an automatic tray dispenser! Who could ask for more? Keep your eye out for availability on eBay and other retro outlets.

Let's Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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14 thoughts on “Let’s Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken

  1. Recently spotted this one on Craigslist.

    No way you could market “Finger puppets” and “Finger licking” at the same time today; some dumb hick kid would confuse the two, choke on a finger puppet and KFC would be sued out of existence lol!

  2. Kim Ward says:

    That is me and my brother on the box!!!! If ANYONE out there knows where I can get the game and box I would REALLY appreciate it! My bro died a few years ago and I would love to get this again. I think ours got lost in moving.

  3. Kim Ward says:

    Still on the search for the Let’s Play at Kentucky Fried Chicken game from the 1970’s. Really just need a good condition box or ANYTHING at this point. It is for a very special reason. Any help would be great! :) Kim

  4. Kim Ward says:

    would LOVE to find another box of the Let’s Play Kentucky Fried Chicken Game. ANYONE out there with a lead would be great!!!! BTW Thanks Steve!

  5. Joe says:

    I just discovered one at a local flea market. If anyone is interested in buying one, email me at megomeh(at)gmail.com

  6. Luke says:

    Wow cool !!! I just bought one off ebay for $20.00 about 90 percent complete,no box.Its the restrant,4 trays,6 people and the Col.The tray inserter still works.I have a massive collection of KFC Memorbillia which include a 1954 KFC pressure cooker,a few buckets,1954,1968,Hats from the 60,s,plastic coin banks,the list is too long to list.A person has one on ebay complete in box as of today for $145.00.Id love to buy it,but not now.God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.I hope to open up my own KFC Museum here in Texas,one day,Peace !!!

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