Sweet Secrets

What do you get when you tell a marketing company to make Transformers for girls? Sweet Secrets. Sweet Secrets was a toyline made by Galoob in 1984 which transformed from jewelry, makeup and other girl-oriented objects to animals, girls with hair, and playsets. You did this by opening the object and unfolding the head, arms, and legs. As an example the playsets included a jewelry box which transformed into a dollhouse.

In the of Fall 2007, Play Along Toys re-released the Sweet Secrets series; but instead of them being charms, they were tiny dolls that could fit into things like lipstick tubes and change purses. Nothing like the classics though:


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One thought on “Sweet Secrets

  1. I always hated ultra-girlie toys…never felt they captured my interests. Naturally I made an exception for Barbie, since she’s awesome, but no Sweet Secrets for me, yuck.

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