Tio Sancho Enchiladas Commercial

Growing up in northern New Jersey, it was difficult to find any Mexican food. Even the now ubiquitous Taco Bell was a rare bird in my neck of the woods growing up. So to get even the slightest hint of the food from South of the Border, we needed to rely on the frozen foods in our super market, which often led me to have a poor impression of a cuisine that would later come to dominate my days. I guess some things do change for the better, right Tio Sancho?


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One thought on “Tio Sancho Enchiladas Commercial

  1. I remember growing up in the UK: if you can ever find Mexican food over there, it’s bad. And I mean BAD. Wasn’t until I moved to California that I realised that what I’d been eating really was nothing like Mexican food at all!

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