Kenny Rogers’ Sings “The Gambler” on the Muppet Show

This has to be one of the oddest set of Muppets ever broadcast on TV. I have watched this video many times on the web, but whenever I see that “real” young hand mixed with the weird old man puppet faces, I get dizzy and discombobulated and I find myself screaming myself raw trying to warn 1970s Kenny to get off that train before they turn him into one of them. I usually collapse from the pain of yelling and when I wake up I find that Kenny had in fact turned into one of the weird old/young muppets, but unlike these Muppets he has a young face and old everything else.

Is it odd that I take pride in the fact that when I watched TV Muppets smoked cigarettes? I don’t even think today’s Muppets are allowed to eat processed sugar.


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