DEVO’s Music Video for “Theme From Doctor Detroit”

Many complain that the Dan Akroyd film Doctor Detroit is a mess and the box office reflect those complaints. I myself love it. I own it on DVD and laugh every time I watch it. Of course their is a bonus for me and for all DEVO fans who watch it because DEVO did music for the film, including the aptly named theme song “Theme From Doctor Detroit”. The music video for song is filled with film reference and fun DEVO effects, but except for an optical illusion at the end of the video, where Mark is transformed into Dan, we don’t see Dan Akroyd live in the video. Yet he found time to do that painful Dragnet rap. So confusing.


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4 thoughts on “DEVO’s Music Video for “Theme From Doctor Detroit”

  1. I haven’t seen that movie in years. They used to show Doctor Detroit frequently on one of the local UHF stations in my area. I always thought it was a fun and underrated movie as well.

  2. Gary – do you have strong memories of the screening? Was everyone enjoying it? I always liked the film and thought it got a bum rap and wondered if the people behind the film thought it was going to do well.

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