Vintage Carnation Pumpkin Pie Ad and Recipe

Nothing sweeter then some delicious Pumpkin Pie made with rich delicious Carnation Evaporated milk. OMG these ads must really work. The sweet double milk taste of Carnation is all I can think about. I want to use it my cookies, pies and cakes. I want to feed hungry orphans from Carnation fountains that pour forth whippable milk product. I want to swim in an ocean of the sweet white to an island of confections, where I will eat pumpkin pie from a golden pie plate until I explode. I will disolve under a blue milk moon and my Carnation milk saturated essence will seep into the graham cracker soil and flow into the Carnation streams and I will be one with milke.

carnations famous pumpkin pie

Here is an enlarged view of the recipe:
carnations famous pumpkin pie recipe


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One thought on “Vintage Carnation Pumpkin Pie Ad and Recipe

  1. LYNNE says:

    THANKS for putting the Carnation Pumpkin Pie recipe online. It is hard
    to find…but that’s the one I grew up with…has a bit more spice in it
    than the Libbys recipe.

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