E.T. Birthday Cake from September 1982

As I mentioned in earlier posts, cakes have come along way in the last 20 years, but I really enjoy earlier themed cakes. This one was posted by Flickr user Sam Howzit. It was from his seemingly awesome 1982 birthday party (check out the rest of his photos) and was made at a local bakery, probably Krogers.

et cake


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2 thoughts on “E.T. Birthday Cake from September 1982

  1. Newzoo says:

    Why is ET flipping us off? What’d we ever do to him? Oh yeah, almost got him killed and cut up by the government. Oops.

  2. Sam Howzit says:

    Mahalo for the mention. Isn’t that cake great? I can still vividly remember that birthday – at the height of the E.T. craze. It was made by Kroger’s bakery located on West Broad and Norton Road on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. Sadly that Kroger is no longer there (now a parking lot). But they made the best cakes. They always added blue flowers or flowers of some sort. And my parents (both being school teachers) always loved to throw themed birthday parties for me. Glad you liked the pic. Sadly, didn’t come with any Reese’s Pieces.

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